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Blue Fish is installed since December 17, 2012 at 96 Quai de Bacalan (across the new bridge)! We put all our hopes for 2013 in this new place, new neighborhood.
After so many years in the center of Bordeaux, new perspectives open and welcome to all those who want to find out!

3 new groups are part of the catalog 2013

10 years Blue Fish, past!
Now we must move towards new projects while preserving the old as we continue to focus on doing everything for them to be present in the future …
whole program: the past is used to build its future, we cross this bridge preserving

Since the creation of Blue Fish, Marie Favereau and his team are trying to make 11 new street, a place where artists feel at home, a meeting place, creation and sharing, which also allows them to work and develop their career in a professional environment favorable.

Thus, over the years, through the Aquitaine, France, or Europe, Blue Fish accompanied and presented to the audience and organizers, musicians, singers, storytellers, and actors.

Today, Blue Fish manage an anthology of jazz musicians and World Music and is involved in the production and promotion of family entertainment par excellence who has just released his first book-album October 9, 2012, and will be tour in 2013, after the presentation show cases in Bordeaux on 10 November, and 24 November Trianon Theater in Paris, the European Theatre.

Indisputable success for both dates!

Talent to follow to discover and listen without moderation!

We wish to request , press kits, press releases, quotes, etc.. all artists Blue Fish .

Concert schedule :

David Pilarsky

7 September 2018 http://www.bluefish-art.fr/?page_id=76 Plein Air David Pilarsky in Macau France
Time: 20:45. Address: Festival Gueuilles de Bonde.

Luter 5tet

22 June 2018 http://www.bluefish-art.fr/?page_id=76 Casino le Miami Luter 5tet in Andernos les Bains France
Time: 20:45. Address: Route de Bordeaux.
22 June 2018 http://www.bluefish-art.fr/?page_id=76 Casino le Miami Luter 5tet in Andernos les Bains France
Time: 20:45. Address: Route de Bordeaux.

Nougaro en quatre couleurs

10 March 2018 http://www.bluefish-art.fr/?page_id=76 Salle des Fêtes Nougaro en quatre couleurs in Roquebrune France
Time: 20:30. Admission: 6 a 12€.

Youpi Quartet

3 March 2018 http://www.bluefish-art.fr/?page_id=76 Festival Jazz dans le Bocage Youpi Quartet in Rocles France
Time: 19:00.
20 April 2018 http://www.bluefish-art.fr/?page_id=76 Rocher de Palmer Youpi Quartet in Cenon France
Time: 19:00. Address: 1 rue Aristide Briand.
15 May 2018 http://www.bluefish-art.fr/?page_id=76 Studio de l’Ermitage Youpi Quartet in Paris France
Time: 20:00. Address: 8 rue de l’ermitage – 75020.
24 June 2018 http://www.bluefish-art.fr/?page_id=76 Festival Fifres de Garonne Youpi Quartet in St Pierre d’Aurillac France
Time: 15:00. Address: 9 rue du Port.
14 November 2018 http://www.bluefish-art.fr/?page_id=76 L’Entrepôt des Jalles Youpi Quartet in Le Haillan France
Time: 20:30. Address: 13 rue Georges Clémenceau. Venue phone: 05 57 93 11 38.

Bignol Swing

3 February 2018 http://www.bluefish-art.fr/?page_id=76 Salle Clarisse-Brian-Reclus Bignol Swing in Sainte-Foy-La-Grande France
Time: 20:45. Venue phone: +33 5 57 46 32 24.