Youpi Quartet

Jazz / World


Laurent Maur : Harmoniciste
Emilie Calmé : Flûtiste
Curtis Efoua : Batteur percussionniste
Ouriel Ellert : Bassiste

How the quartet was formed

Two duos pair up and create a combination of unique instrumentation:
It all started with Laurent Maur, a harmonicist and 1st price winner of the World Harmonica Championship in Trossingen, meeting up with Emilie Calmé, a flutist who studied bansuri with famous Indian flute master Hariprasaad Chaurasia after graduating from the Bordeaux Conservatory.

For the last seven years they have been roaming the globe and gathering artistic discoveries. California, Mongolia, Korea, China, Europe, the duo has continued to enthusiastically work the jazz clubs and festivals, seducing a vast, enraptured audience. Incidentally they had the great opportunity to perform as a duo at the Opera House in Ulaanbaatar in 2012, at the Forbidden City in Beijing, at the Formtec Works-hall in Seoul in 2015. They were also showcased at the “Croisements” festival put on by the Alliance Française in Beijing.

In 2015 they got together with two other talented musicians; Curtis Efoua, a drummer and a percussionist, winner of the Best Instrumentalist Price of La Défense Jazz Festival, and Ouriel Ellert, a bassist and a composer who has developed a passion for Afro-Cuban music and performed as sideman to many international artists such as Mamani Keita, Martha High or Les Yeux Noirs. The variety of the inspiration of these two well-seasoned artists (jazz and grooves from the world) gave the project a new direction.

The four musicians take every opportunity to get together in the South West of France; upon creation residencies, improvisation sessions, recording sessions and performances in the area. In February 2015, they recorded their debut EP “l’Ile nock”, which includes improvised music and composition extracts and is available in digital format.
In November this year the quartet will go back to the studio to record their debut album which will feature original pieces composed by each of the members of the band. Release is due in Bordeaux in April 2017, with a release in Paris in the wake.
The Youpi Quartet offers a unique musical contribution full of inspiration and spontaneity, an ode to the moment and to improvisation, a music that highlights the beauty of timbres, the power of sonic textures and the rich blending of harmonics altogether.

Upcoming events

Past events

No event to show for the moment.

14 November 2018 L’Entrepôt des Jalles Youpi Quartet in Le Haillan France
Time: 20:30. Address: 13 rue Georges Clémenceau. Venue phone: 05 57 93 11 38.
24 June 2018 Festival Fifres de Garonne Youpi Quartet in St Pierre d’Aurillac France
Time: 15:00. Address: 9 rue du Port.
15 May 2018 Studio de l’Ermitage Youpi Quartet in Paris France
Time: 20:00. Address: 8 rue de l’ermitage – 75020.
20 April 2018 Rocher de Palmer Youpi Quartet in Cenon France
Time: 19:00. Address: 1 rue Aristide Briand.
3 March 2018 Festival Jazz dans le Bocage Youpi Quartet in Rocles France
Time: 19:00.
16 April 2017 Central do Brasil Youpi Quartet in Bordeaux France
Time: 20:30. Address: 6 rue du Port.
14 April 2017 Le Caillou du Jardin Botanique Youpi Quartet in Bordeaux France
Time: 20:30. Address: Venue phone: 06 85 99 32 42..
13 April 2017 Larural Youpi Quartet in Créon France
Time: 20:00. Admission: 5€. Box office: 05 56 23 23 00. Address: 3 rue Montesquieu.
27 November 2016 Péniche Le Marcounet Youpi Quartet in Paris France
Time: 18:30. Address: Péniche MARCOUNET Port des Célestins Au pied du Pont Marie Paris 04 Métro Pont Marie ou Hôtel de Ville. Venue phone: 06 60 47 38 52.