Review of 10 years

I long to find the words to talk about these 10 years!
Difficult to be objective, to make this record, aside emotion, disappointment also inevitable when nature is too idealistic and positive …

1 – groups present were fantastic, they all put their heart, their professionalism to make these moments. Their happiness was at least as strong as that of the audience.

The Bignol Swing , despite the narrowness of the scene, Dje finger healed, managed to show their prowess with reworked for the occasion, congratulations to them!

Thomas Ottogalli was equal to himself, and, thanks to its new drummer really amazing.

Alex Golino was true to himself, talented, at ease on the stage!

Michel El Malem regaled everyone with his compositions, his kindness. He was there with great musicians.

Adama Traoré has surprised many by coming with accompanying musicians, so his stories.

Fabrice Mounier expected in extremis to replace Duo Corrientes has continued evasion.

The highlight of the 3 nights, Salsa Ilegal we proved once more that they are the best through their compositions, their originality in this area musicians and singers talent …

Turn all deserve, and we will do everything so that the coming years will be to them a continuation of the work started some years ago!

2 – Laurence sound, we proved once more that we could count on her to all points of view.
Malek have supported us, the conditions were met for the project to be successful.
Partners have supported us with their help, their presence, FIP, Hotel Regina …

3 – The disappointment came from the public and musicians of Bordeaux. I thought, naively, that everyone would come to celebrate with us, we show that we were right to invest all these artists. Fatal error, the audience Thursday and Saturday, was absent on Friday evening of Jazz with musicians so rare Bordeaux.
Musicians Girondins totally absent these 3 evenings, can say they played every night, if that is I’m happy for them, it means there’s work. Otherwise, why did you do we not see them?
I knew that three days would bring answers to my questions, my doubts while telling me that I was wrong to have negative thoughts.
We know that this job is difficult, but if everyone plays for him, with his ego and selfishness, we are not moving. But if we do not move forward, we are going backwards. The human being is an eternal grouch but often forget that he so little to do or say to make things go a little better!
Blue Fish will continue his painstaking work, the road is long and fraught with pitfalls, but the sun is at the end

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